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Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, overwhelming stress, or relationship issues?  We can work together to find solutions that work for you.

Family Mediation

Are you and your family struggling with tough issues that are getting you stuck?  Whether it is dealing with the challenges of aging parents, family conflicts, or other family life crises, getting knowledgeable, sensitive, neutral help from a mediator can be invaluable in getting your family back to being able to enjoy each other with less tension and distress.

Divorce Mediation

Are you thinking about or proceeding with divorce?  Are you worried about what will happen to your children?   Research tells us that the most important ways to help children cope with their parents’ divorce is to make sure that they don’t lose a parent, and that they are not exposed to ongoing serious parental conflict.  As your therapist or your mediator, we can work together to find ways to protect your children.  And we can work together to find ways to best protect you. 

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