No one ever married with the hope that someday they would be divorced, but nevertheless, roughly half of first marriages end in divorce

Messages from former clients:

"By the time my wife and I got to the divorce mediation stage, I was terrified.  Still desperate to "save" my marriage and provide a unified home for our daughter, I secretly held out hope that my wife would snap out of it, change her mind and commit herself anew to rebuilding our relationship.  That did not happen.  Here's what did happen:  Lynn Cooper helped my wife and me envision--and then plan--a future where we could effectively co-parent our child, amicably divide our assets and get beyond the pain of divorce.  Lynn's firm, professional and tenacious guidance was instrumental in helping us chart a path away from acting out of anger and towards acting our of reason and accommodation."

"Lynn Cooper's encyclopedic knowledge of divorce law, divorce mediation and family psychology saved our family the expense and rancor of court-ordered divorce."