Finding A Therapist

You are searching for a way to reduce pain and increase joy in your life.  Finding the right person to work with is crucial.  Look for someone with good training in being a therapist (counselor, psychologist, social worker, or psychiatrist) and then, after meeting them, choose the person who you feel you can best work with.

Many people wish to use their health insurance benefits to pay for their therapy.  Call your insurer in advance if you have any question about how therapy is covered by your health plan.  Find out if the therapist you choose is a provider for your health plan, and if they are not, is there a financial arrangement you can make with them which would be acceptable to both of you.  

I ask my clients to pay my fee for therapy up front, and I do not accept health insurance as direct payment for my work.  If a client has a health insurance policy which pays out of network providers (not an HMO), I bill their insurance for our work at the end of each month, and whatever their insurance pays is paid to the client.

I am a very experienced, board-certified clinical psychologist who truly enjoys the process of therapy in helping people meet their life goals.  In the many years I have been doing this work, I have worked for people with many different kinds of struggles.  My clients see me as dedicated, persistent, knowledgeable, and caring.  I am committed to finding the best ways available of helping my clients, and if I can't provide a needed service, I pride myself on making appropriate referrals to other sources of help.

I collaborate with my clients in setting goals, understanding important issues in their lives and their feelings about them, working on removing roadblocks to reaching their goals, and working with clients in trying things they can do in between our sessions to improve their lives.

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